Best Extender™ V4.0

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The new and improved version of the best extender is Here!

Best Extender V4 is here! 

Here are the improvements we made from last version:

1. Silicone base is thicker, softer and more flat to provide extra comfort!

2. We made the hook more shallow for easier attachment and detachment

3. The print on the scale is much more durable and doesn't rub off

4. Improved spring and inner system to provide smoother adjustment of tension.

5. Added new top bracket that makes the device super sturdy and also provides attachment holes for the included strap.

It accurately measures tension with our unique spring twist design.

Best extender also adapts to any vacuum cup including PeniMaster, Totalman, Phallosan Replica, Phallosan, Stealth and more. 

It can also be worn at any angle with the included neck strap.

Built on advanced medical research and state-of-the-art technology, the Best Extender offers a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to traditional treatment options. It helps stimulate blood flow and promote the regeneration of blood vessels within the penile tissue.

One of the key advantages of the device is its convenience and ease of use. The device is compact, portable, and designed for discreet use in the privacy of your own home. Its user-friendly interface allows for personalized treatment sessions, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

With just a few simple steps, you can embark on a journey toward reclaiming your sexual vitality and experiencing a renewed sense of confidence!

Main Features:

- Ability to measure tension

- Comfort silicone padded base

- Ability to stretch in any angle

- Adaptability to any vacuum cup

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Yes, the Best Extender is designed with safety in mind. It is built on advanced medical research and adheres to strict quality standards. When used according to the provided instructions, it offers a safe and non-invasive solution for male enhancement.

Results may vary from person to person. However, many users start experiencing noticeable improvements within a few weeks of consistent use. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the Best Extender as directed and maintain a regular routine.

Yes, the Best Extender is versatile and can adapt to various vacuum cup systems, including popular brands like PeniMaster, Totalman, Phallosan Replica, Phallosan, Stealth, and more. This flexibility allows you to integrate it seamlessly into your existing routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Keon Whitfield
Lives up to the name!

I first got into PE late last year and since I began my journey I've used quite a few extenders such as totalman, penimaster, and even a few budget ones off amazon and aliexpress. I figured since I'm spending extra money on PE I might as well take the full plunge and really go all in with the apparent best! After using the device for the past few days here are my thoughts:

-Tension scale and spinning/screwing:
Having a tension scale is hella convenient! It's nice having actual numbers on the extender that tells you how much tension you're using which is useful so you know how much progress you're making and most importantly not increasing tension too fast and ending up hurting yourself by accident. Most extenders I've tried use the method of screwing bars on/off the extender to make the extender longer and have more tension which can be tedious and there's the risk of you losing the bars or misplacing them. Plus adding a bar can end up with you increasing tension to fast because your member hasn't adapted to the new level of stretch yet. The screw method the best extender uses makes increasing tension gradual which is more more ideal for progressing in PE. It easily allows you to start 4.4 lbs and then gradually increase the tension to 6.6+ rather than jumping from low to high like other extenders. The only main downside to the way the Best extender does this is that the extender is a bit large and not really suitable for wearing under clothes(which is what the best all day stretcher is for so this issue is already addressed) while out unless you wear really baggy pants, which brings me to the next topic--

-Build quality/sturdiness:
The device definitely feels more premium that other devices. While other extenders feel a bit flimsy at their hinges, so far the best extender is holding up quite well! It snaps and holds into place how I need it too and maybe in the future after constant use it will start to give out but I imagine by then there will be a new superior version.

-Adaptability & comfort:
My favorite part of this device and what really makes it the best I've used so far imo. The fat, flat, soft silicone base makes using the device much more comfortable which is super important since if something isn't comfortable you'll not wear it long and you'll dread the times you do wear it. The hard thin bases of devices like penimasters extender and totalman makes my groin feel sore and raw after a while. Due to them being so thin they really dig into your crotch at higher tensions so you either have to wear them until you can no longer bare the pain or wrap them up in something soft and flat to reduce how rough it is on the groin area. The best extender being so soft and thick mean this is a non-issue and I can wear it comfortably even at high tensions.

The adaptability is what really sold this product for me. I have a few different cups I've tried like totalman, screw penis cup, penimaster etc and of all I've tried the penimaster cup is easily the most suitable and comfortable for me and led to no blisters plus is easy to take off/put on quickly unlike other cups that require the water method or taping/silicone cap on the glans so I was happy to see an extender that not only has comfort, ease of use and sturdiness as a priority but the ability to use any cup I want so I'm not forced to use a cup I don't like just because I have a different extender. It really adapts to any cup which is hard not to appreciate!

That wraps up my review! For anyone who doesn't like to read here are the summarized pros and cons:

-Tension scale on the device so you don't overdo it and ability to gradually increase/decrease tension.

-Sturdy and with great build quality(strong and not flimsy feeling)

-Comfortable base means you can wear it long term without too much trouble.

-Adaptable to any cup so you can use your favorite cups with the best extender while still getting all of the benefits.


-Quite large with no smaller size options so not really suitable for wearing under clothing while out unless you wear MC Hammer pants. This is mainly a device you use at home after you get home from work or finish running errands or something your can wear while you work from home.

-A bit more expensive compared to other extenders especially if bundled so don't buy unless you're serious about PE and don't mind paying a premium.

-Cups I personally can't speak on since I mainly use penimaster and don't own the ones for the best extender but they seem like generic cups from what I've seen and heard so nothing too special.

Joseph McDaniel

I can’t get the unit to work at all.
I’m doing something wrong with the bell and sleeve’s.

Jason Braun
Extender well made but cups don't work.

The quality of the device is very good. Unfortunately I have not been able to use it and after seeing another review I see that others have found the quality of the cups to be sub par. I am waiting for an order of a reputable brand. Can't say anything bad about the device itself. Well packaged and very well made.

chanel santana

Really good 10/10 just need to get abetter cup

B. Allen
Best extender 4.0

It seems to be a good product! I have not had it a long time. But I use it everyday since receiving it.